„Contribution of deep soft tissues to low-back pain in humans"

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Rolf-Detlef Treede

The aim of this subproject is to study the differential contribution of low-frequency neural activity from deep soft tissues (subcutis, fascia and muscle) to acute and chronic non-specific low-back pain. We will compare pain distribution, pain qualities and sensory profiles (QST) of patients with acute and chronic low-back pain with those of human surrogate models that activate various tissue types in the back by depth-specific electrical stimulation and injections of capsaicin or potassium chloride. This project bridges the gap between preclinical and clinical studies by a) testing predictions from preclinical models in patients and healthy humans, b) development of methods to quantify clinical symptoms and signs, c) identification of relevant test stimuli for future preclinical studies. In addition, human surrogate models allow to test new analgesic substances that target sensitization of central nociceptive neurons.  



Superposition of pain drawings of (A) insensitive TMD patients (n = 9), (B) sensitive TMD patients (n = 9) and (C) FMS patients (n = 9).

D: Sensory profiles at the hand dorsum

Pfau, Rolke, Nickel, Treede, Daubländer (2009) Pain 147: 72-83