Neurobiological mechanisms of local and widespread musculoskeletal pain: transition or separate phenomena?

Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Siegfried Mense

In animal models of myofascial low back pain (unspecific LBP), psychoneurobiological mechanisms will be studied that are assumed to be involved in the transition from local to chronic widespread pain and the persistence of local pain. Three experimental series that address different possible mechanisms of these processes will be carried out:

  1. Local sensitizing mechanisms at the level of the spinal dorsal horn (electrophysiology and behavior)
  2. Dysfunction of the descending pain-modulating systems (electrophysiology, neuroanatomy, behavior)
  3. Stress-related mechanisms of induction of chronic musculoskeletal pain (behavior).

The subproject aims at identifying mechanisms underlying the spread of chronic musculoskeletal pain in patients. The subproject is expected to detect novel factors that are involved in the development of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain. Interference with these factors may offer new treatment options for LBP patients or other forms of chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain.